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How To Create a Dynamic Headlines For Your Google AdWords Ads

Relevancy is the key to the success of all advertising. If your ad conveys the right message at the right time, to the right people, then you stand a very good chance of increasing the response to your ad. If your Adwords ad contains the same search term that someone has just typed in; Google will reward you by highlighting the term in bold in your ad. This extra bold highlight has been proven to increase response and clickthrough rate to your ads.

Now you can go one better! What if you could set things up, so that your ad headline would automatically change to display the exact same search term that someone has just typed in! They will look at your AdWords ad and think, “Hey that ad seems to be advertising the exact same thing I’m trying to find.

This will give you a huge advantage over most other advertisers, who only use the standard static headline format. With a normal ‘static’ headline, they will have to try and guess what people want beforehand, and show the same headline regardless of what people have typed in.

I now use this technique on all my AdWords campaigns, and have seen a good increase in my clickthrough rates as a result of doing this.

So, how do you create a dynamic headline?

To start off with let’s look at what a typical Adwords ad might look like:

Cheaper Dentist Insurance
Comprehensive Quality Service
For All Your Dental Needs (aff)

If someone typed in a phrase like ‘low cost dental plan’ none of the words in your headline match, so you wouldn’t normally have any part of your headline appear in bold.

Using the ad example above, to create a ‘dynamic headline’ you would type in your headline like this:

{KeyWord:Cheaper Dentist Insurance}

To create it correctly, you must copy everything on the above line, including the brackets, and the capital K and W. Just replace the words ‘Cheaper Dentist Insurance’ with your own default headline.

Now, when someone performs a search like ‘low cost dental plan’ your ad headline will automatically display the words ‘low cost dental plan’ in bold type. If the phrase typed in has too many words or contains a misspelling, Google will display your default headline instead.

A few things to note…

* The dynamic headline will only show words that are stored in your keyword list for your ad group.

* If you are using ‘phrase’ or ‘broad matching’ your default headline will be displayed if the search query typed in is too long. Your headline can only take up to a maximum of 25 words. So if someone typed in ‘low cost dental plans for the over 60’s’ this is over the 25 word limit. In this case your default headline of ‘Cheaper Dentist Insurance’ would be shown.

* Keep out misspellings. Personally I will often add a ton of different misspellings for the most popular keywords I am targeting. Problem is, Google don’t like you putting the misspellings in the actual ad itself. They don’t mind showing your ad when some does a typing error or something. They just don’t want to be seen showing poorly written ads.

For example if you were using a dynamic headline and someone typed in the phrase ‘insuranc’ (no ‘e’ on the end), the dynamic headline could show this misspelt word as your headline. Google’s ad monitoring will prevent you from using dynamic headlines for misspelt words.

What I do is put all my misspellings in a separate ad group to make sure my ads don’t get disabled.

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How To Create a Dynamic Headlines For Your Google AdWords Ads

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