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How to Add and Subtract Clients from AdWords My Client Center

Since earlier in the month we covered how to build a My Client Center, it’s time to go over the next easiest step in owning AdWords, adding and removing accounts.

The other major PPC outlets like AdCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing are still having major issues with this concept. I know AdCenter is actively working on it, but no word from Yahoo on their issues. Want to know more? Check out my write up on Detaching from an Agency over at SEOmoz.

Back to AdWords and adding all those shiny new client accounts. If they have existing accounts, look on the MCC Dashboard for a link that says “Link existing account.”

Google AdWords My Client Center 1

You’ll need the customer account number for this. Once you fill everything out (if you are really advanced you can ask for API access too) they approve in their account using their login (or *cough* you can do it for them with their login).

Now you can start new accounts for clients within your My Client Center. Right now to the link I mentioned above is one that says “Create new account.” Ummm … that’s it. Follow the instructions and set it up as you would any other account.

Want to remove a client? The client removes you actually, safety purposes. They go into the Access area of their My Account Tab and remove your account as the manager. Simple.

Google AdWords My Client Center 2

Kate Morris is the Director of Client Strategies at New Edge Media. You can find her on her blog or on twitter @katemorris.

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Kate Morris Distilled Consulting

Kate Morris is an SEO Consultant for Distilled Consulting in Seattle, WA. You can find her on twitter @katemorris.

How to Add and Subtract Clients from AdWords My Client Center

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