How to Add and Subtract Clients from AdWords My Client Center

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Since earlier in the month we covered how to build a My Client Center, it’s time to go over the next easiest step in owning AdWords, adding and removing accounts.

The other major PPC outlets like AdCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing are still having major issues with this concept. I know AdCenter is actively working on it, but no word from Yahoo on their issues. Want to know more? Check out my write up on Detaching from an Agency over at SEOmoz.

Back to AdWords and adding all those shiny new client accounts. If they have existing accounts, look on the MCC Dashboard for a link that says “Link existing account.”

Google AdWords My Client Center 1

You’ll need the customer account number for this. Once you fill everything out (if you are really advanced you can ask for API access too) they approve in their account using their login (or *cough* you can do it for them with their login).

Now you can start new accounts for clients within your My Client Center. Right now to the link I mentioned above is one that says “Create new account.” Ummm … that’s it. Follow the instructions and set it up as you would any other account.

Want to remove a client? The client removes you actually, safety purposes. They go into the Access area of their My Account Tab and remove your account as the manager. Simple.

Google AdWords My Client Center 2

Kate Morris is the Director of Client Strategies at New Edge Media. You can find her on her blog or on twitter @katemorris.

Kate Morris
Kate Morris is an SEO Consultant for Distilled Consulting in Seattle, WA. You can find her on twitter @katemorris.
Kate Morris

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  • I already knew how to do this but this is an excellent tutorial for other people that do not.

  • AdamN

    Yes, I do thinx it’s a good information, easy to follow.

  • What do you do if you are the user and want a Client Manager removed from your account as you no longer wish to have them managing or accessing your account?

  • Hi Maurice,

    In the new AdWords center, login and click on My Account in the navigation bar, then select “Account Access.” Find the “Client Manager” area, and click “Terminate Access.”

    You should be good! If they ever had your account login and password, change the password. 🙂


  • Hi Kate. When i was trying to find Terminate Access it wasn’t there. I ended up emailing Google and they fixed it up for me. I logged back in and there it was. Very frustrating though.

    Thanks for the reply

  • Hi Kate.
    So sorry for the late reply but it ended up being a problem at Googles end. They didnt tell me what the problem was as thier customer service is pretty much non exsistant but they changed a setting which allowed me to make the changes. The first thing i did was changed my password, good advice. Thanks heaps for you reply. Its much appreciated

  • Milos

    Hi Kate,

    Thank You for your post about starting MCC account. I really had difficulties. I just have two questions about running MCC.

    I have few small business clients would like me to manage AdWords account for them. I plan to offer them a prepaid package. This mean I will need to create accounts and make payment for them on behalf. First question is can I use same credit card details for all my client accounts? Will I get ban? I will link all these accounts under my MCC.

    The second question is can I run two or more accounts under the MCC bidding on the same keywords ?

    Thanks in advance.