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How Much is Google Worth?

How Much is Google Worth?

Business Week Reports on the Worth of Google amid IPO Buzz.

Some on the Street say the search engine’s IPO might fetch $25 billion. Use a different yardstick, and that sum seems way too high

You don’t need a search engine to find opinions about this topic: How much Google would command if it were to go through with a much-anticipated, first-time sale of stock to the public — which many believe could happen as early as the first quarter of 2004. The fascination with Google’s initial public offering is a no-brainer since it could prove the most lucrative and successful IPO since the dot-com crash.

Informed speculation says Google will issue an initial $1 billion worth of shares, which would represent what analysts think is about a year’s worth of sales. That’s a huge deal considering how unfriendly the IPO climate remains for tech concerns.

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