How Much Traffic Does Bing Refer to Your Site?

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I was going through our Analytics last night on SEJ and looking into our referrals from Bing, and thought I would share with our readers.

Over the last 30 days, Bing referrals account for 3.14% of the organic search traffic to Search Engine Journal. Looking at the top 3 referring search engines, Bing did top Yahoo for referrals to SEJ :

  1. Google 91.46%
  2. Bing 3.14%
  3. Yahoo 3.09%

That may seem like a rather large difference and your first reaction may be something like “Bing traffic is not so great” but looking at our top traffic referrers for the past 30 days, and Bing is topping a lot of major websites and networks.

  1. google
  2. feedburner
  3. bing
  4. yahoo
  8. network
  10. aol
  17. twitterfeed

I do not think that this list is 100% correct however, since Google Analytics has such a difficult time consolidating all Twitter referrals into one metric. I think the Twitter driven traffic to SEJ does trump Bing & Yahoo. To track this better, we’ll be adding a new widget from BLVDstatus this week to better measure Twitter and socially driven traffic to SEJ.

So, what’s your Bing traffic look like? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • eristoddle

    Once I actually started looking at it, my stats for bing are all over the map, running neck and neck with Yahoo. The lowest is 1% and the highest is 8%.

  • Michael Martinez

    I really hate these Disqus comment forms. The system never remembers my login information.

    • lorenbaker

      That's because you always leave 20 page long comments which probably end up draining their server completely.

  • Megan Leap

    Twitter/Twitter apps drive more traffic than Bing. But Bing drives SIGNIFICANTLY more traffic than Yahoo. Poor Yahoo.

  • SocialNetworkingCompany

    It is an interesting remark. I never thought of the traffic coming from Bing as being ..quality one. So it brings some traffic, but if you think of the traffic you get from social networks …it is much higher and better. So, I would still not focus my strategy on getting traffic from Bing.

  • spencer

    Have you seen Bing's Tool Box for webmasters? That seems alot easier to use than Googles.

  • Cassie Wallace

    Literally next to nothing – I think I've gotten less than 1% of my traffic from Bing and Yahoo combined.

  • phpLD

    This may sound strange, and I do have a lot of respect from google, but should I trust what google analytics tells me about bing?

  • David DuVal

    This may sound strange, and I do have a lot of respect from google, but should I trust what google analytics tells me about bing?