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How Many Fingers Are In Your SEO Pie?

How Many Fingers Are In Your SEO Pie?

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar?

  • Big Brand USA contracts US Based Search Marketing Firm
  • US Based Search Marketing Firm then outsources all SEO work to Minor US Search Marketing Firm
  • Minor US Search Marketing Firm then outsources to Major Offshore Agency.
  • Major Offshore Agency then outsources the bulk of that work to individual contractors in their town, working in a basement office with mattresses on the floor.

America is built on outsourcing. Outsourcing is common and its part of business, even SEO.

But if your SEO firm is outsourcing, are they keeping an eye on the work that is actually being done?

And what about security? How secure is the outsourcing company’s infrastructure and can the information and SEO reports that they are working on be accessed online by your competition?

Lee Odden at TopRank writes about sure, SEO companies or individuals make more money via outsourcing and can fill the demand, but they need to keep an eye on the work that is being done and review it before passing it along to the client :
Is Your SEO Firm Outsourcing Your Work?

Personally, I think if a SEO firm outsources part of a client’s SEO or social media marketing program, they must be actively, if not intimately involved with the work. If they don’t know enough about the tactics, then they should use the opportunity to learn. Otherwise, it’s pretty much a crap shoot what the client is actually getting for their money.

I’ve tried outsourcing in the past and pretty much, you get what you pay for. I’ve made my mistakes years ago outsourcing abroad and in the United States. Finding an outsourcing company with high standards and work ethics is a gem.

If you’re looking for the cheapest bid on eLance to do all of your client work for you while you sip Pina Coladas at the beach front bar chances are, your client is going to get wise to what’s going on soon enough. If not, you’re lucky.

If you look for a reputable firm for outsourcing, keep an eagle eye on the work via middle management or training the firm yourself, the work you deliver to your client will be the quality that they are looking for.

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How Many Fingers Are In Your SEO Pie?

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