How Do You Un-Clutter Your Twitter Stream?

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Let’s face it, the more people you follow, the more challenging it gets to notice all important updates on Twitter.

To me, following fewer people is not an option because I think this is anti-social. I follow back every single Twitter profile that seems valid and is related to one of the topics I love (like search, social media, blogging, etc).

This way, as of today, I am close to following 3300 people which makes it really hard to really “follow” what everyone says.

The clutter is enormous. All of my Twitter friends (as well as myself) retweet each other multiple times which makes the clutter even heavier.

So how do you make sure you are properly updated of news coming from your Twitter friends?

I am aware of two tools that seem cool for that (please add yours in the comments!).


Cadmus is the web based tool that claims to group your friends’ Tweets to help you focus on what’s important. I do wish it had some desktop application but the online version works pretty well to make it worth having the site bookmarked and checking it a few times a day.


Each unique entry has “Related” tweets section containing similar conversations (those containing similar keywords). So if you get interested in more details, you can click on “Related posts” link:


Here’s my stats for example:

Cadmus has analyzed 108,411 of your updates and grouped 32,892 related ones, around 30% of all your updates.

Another great feature is “Personal trending topics” which are like the trending topics in Twitter but it is just from the people you follow. This seemed like a great way to find out what your friends are buzzing about.


ReadTwit, the tool I previously covered, allows to subscribe to your friends’ updates using Google Reader. The best thing about the tool is that it:

  • Filters repeated links in ReTweets;
  • Allows to exclude any user or hashtag from your feed (I wish there were also an option to follow only selected users).

Readtwit Google reader

So how do you manage to keep an eye on what your friends are tweeting about?

Ann Smarty
Ann Smarty is the blogger and community manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas. Ann's expertise in blogging and tools serve as a base for her writing, tutorials and her guest blogging project,
Ann Smarty
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  • Justin Freid

    Ann, those are some great tools def worth checking out. I mostly result to separating the people I follow into list according to their industry or topic and opening that list in a new column on Tweetdeck.

  • Mark Thompson

    Some great tools I never even heard of.

    I would really recommend that everyone uses MyCleenr ( This is another way to try and keep up your list clean. It allows you to see the last time people tweeted. So if you followed someone a year ago, and they haven't updated their status in say 6 months…it is probably safe to say you can stop following them. Can also help with your following/follower ratio.

  • inflatable

    the more people you follow, the more challenging it get,I agree

  • julianbaker

    Just tried to look at Mycleenr and it's not working.

  • Thao Tran

    Justin, I do this too. And man, do I have a lot of lists in Tweetdeck.

  • ileane

    Hi Ann,
    I'm trying Cadmus now and I think it's great. I haven't seen ReadTwit before, thanks for the tip.

  • Ileane

    Hi Ann,
    I'm trying Cadmus now and I think it's great. I haven't seen ReadTwit before, thanks for the tip.