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Hotpot Comes to the iPhone

Of the dozens of Google services out there, it’s fairly clear which one they’re focusing on. Hotpot, with its ability to compete directly against comparison and review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor, as well as the possible path it opens up into social, has been getting more advertising attention than any other single Google line. And if the contest in Portland, the major giveaways (coffee, t-shirts, you name it), the stealthy addition of a Hotpot widget for Android phones, and the rapid integration of features to Hotpot itself weren’t enough, then we’ve got some more news: Hotpot is now on the iPhone.

According to the official Google blog, the iPhone application is the “same great experience” as what you find on the Android. You can find business locations near you based on either your triangulated position or, if it’s enabled, your GPS position. You can easily pull up the businesses closer to you, or do a broader search for something more specific. All the while, reviews from sites associated with Google as well as Google users will give you an idea of the business’s current reputation.

Hotpot is also an adaptive service, which means that as you rate businesses in your area, Google will get a better idea of what you like. This allows Google to suggest services more accustomed to your taste based on the preferences of similar users. Google also integrates the preferences of your “friends,” letting you know when a business has been rated highly by someone on your list.

The Google application also comes with a strong array of search features built in, allowing you to find popular business types with just a couple taps on your iPhone.  You can also customize this, though, to meet you specific preferences and tendencies.  According to Google, the app is available in English on all iOS systems.

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Hotpot Comes to the iPhone

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