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HootSuite Enterprise Solution: Social Media Command Center

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HootSuite, the popular social media dashboard, announced it will be launching a new comprehensive social media solution for enterprise business.  The HootSuite Command Center will provide measurement, monitoring, and engagement information in real-time across various social media platforms in one centralized location.  Think command bridge of the USS Enterprise kind of cool.

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Social media has enabled customer communication for marketing, customer service, sales, etc.  With a command center, large companies would be able to engage in a much more holistic manner with all of the conversations surrounding their brand.

According to the HootSuite Blog, here is what the Social Media Command Center would enable big companies to do:

  • Drive internal and external visibility for your company’s social initiatives.
  • Activate and coordinate company-wide social resources and activities.
  • Provide real-time, actionable data for informed decision-making, to optimize performance.
  • Mobilize team members through a suite of apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices.

In order to be more agile and communicate in a way that is natural to individuals, companies are finding that the traditional departmental silos need to break down.  The customer relationship demands that information flow between the creative marketing teams to sales to customer service and retention.  A command center, like the one that will soon be available from HootSuite, will enable companies to see relationships in communication activities in real-time.

Companies and agencies interested in learning more about how the command center can streamline activities like crisis management, campaign execution, executive reporting, and market research, can request more from the HootSuite Command Center registration page.

Is this a tool your company or agency could use?  Let us know what you think.

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HootSuite Enterprise Solution: Social Media Command Center

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