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Hillary Clinton, Yahoo Answers & the Power of Social Media

Hillary Clinton has turned to Yahoo Answers, the social media driven Q&A experience from Yahoo, to look for some ideas on how normal Americans would improve health care in the United States.

I find this quite interesting as not only a campaigning tool but also in choice of media.

Senator Clinton asked her question 22 hours ago and already has over 24,000 responses (with 12 days of Answering remaining). I cannot think of another form of media which would allow the same kind of user interaction AND approachability that Yahoo Answers brings to the table.

You won’t find that on CNN, radio, townhall meetings or 99.9% of the Internet.

Yahoo Answers dominates not only the Q&A site market with a 96% market share, but also dominates social media in terms of community, 17.9 million users according to comScore, and its hodgepodge of lifestyles amongst such members.

Sure, the Democratic Presidential candidate could post a similar question on a political blog, a social news site, or even MySpace, but what Yahoo Answers brings to the table is diversity.

Additionally, the content generated by this question alone is amazing. In less than one day this question by Senator Clinton on health care has resulted in an estimated 1,250 pages of responses.

Can you think of another online outlet which has the member base to produce so much content in such a short amount of time?

Digg couldn’t. Wikipedia couldn’t. Nor will they ever, their exclusivity assures them of such limitations.

And that’s the magic behind Yahoo Answers.

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Hillary Clinton, Yahoo Answers & the Power of Social Media

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