Here Are The Sites Chosen for SEJ’s Marketing ThinkTank’s Live Site Audit on February 4th

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Danielle Antosz
Danielle Antosz
Here Are The Sites Chosen for SEJ’s Marketing ThinkTank’s Live Site Audit on February 4th

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On February 4th, SEJ’s  Marketing ThinkTank will host our first ever live site audit. This webinar will feature the founder of SEJ, Loren Baker, as well as four of SEJ’s team members analyzing several sites during an hour long webinar. It should be a lot of fun, and we’re pretty excited!

The most exciting part? We’ve chosen three of the sites we will audit. (drum roll, please!) 

Sites for the Marketing ThinkTank Audit on Febuary 4th

These sites were selected based on a number of factors including market, preferred areas of focus, and the site owner’s ability to attend the webinar. So, without further ado, here they are:

The early selection will give us time to do a bit more research, and hopefully provide better value than possible when the sites are chosen live.

Want to Submit Your Site?

If you missed out on submitting your site, you are in luck! The fourth site we audit will be chosen live from the webinar audience. Audience members will be able to submit their sites by using the private chat function in GoToWebinar.

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