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Hello Search Engine Journal – It’s Yvonne Bell

Hello everyone my name is Yvonne Bell and I am the new Search and Social Media blogger for SEJ. I wanted to take up a few lines introducing myself – as you will be seeing a lot of me around here 🙂

I am pretty new to the world of search marketing, but not so much when it comes to social media & blogging. I have been utilizing social media sites for a few years now; for personal use and to help get my writing and projects I’ve been involved with out there for the world to see.

Two of my biggest passions are music and writing and I have written for a few online sites in the field, including Creative Loafing and Developing my skills in the social media world in a D.I.Y sort of way have helped me understand things from the “every day person’s” point of view.

As for the SEO side of things, besides tagging and categorizing my own articles better so that they appeared higher up in search results, it’s like a whole new ball game for me! However, I am ready and excited to delve into the world of search marketing and learn all their is to know so I can, in turn, relate the most pressing news back to you.

Any and all feedback is welcome and I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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Hello Search Engine Journal – It’s Yvonne Bell

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