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Hello Google Shopping! Sayonara Google Products?

Google has always tried to be a bit different than other search powered portals, insisting first that it is not a portal and then either launching its portal-esque offerings such as GMail on April Fools Day or building up its messaging service, Google Talk, to be some revolutionary communications tool when its, well, an IM service with VOIP.

Then Google decides to get into other portal channels like Finance (which they aptly named Google Finance) and Videos (which is constantly morphing itself from a pay per view channel to hosted content to a video search engine) and now Google is stepping up to finaly admit that Google Products (which sounds like products made by Google) is simply all about Shopping, using a much more brandable and customer friendly tag : Google Shopping.

Let’s hope someone at Google takes the initiative to change Google Products into Google Shopping, not only to make comparing ans searching for products on Google much more consumer friendly, but so shopping feed optimization specialists like Brian Smith do not have to constantly explain the nuances between Google Base, Google Products and Froogle … and can just easily say optimization for “Google Shopping” while everyone in the room nods in agreement.

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Hello Google Shopping! Sayonara Google Products?

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