Health Check: Will Google Take Over the World?

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Rob D Young
Rob D Young
Health Check:  Will Google Take Over the World?

We have a few nick-names for Google here. “The search engine giant” is one of the favorites, while a variety of other names — mostly ones that point out Google’s size and strength in the marketplace — are often used. While there’s a definite aspect of admiration for the company, it shouldn’t be equated as fealty or obsession. And when companies start claiming that Google is going to be taking over the world, we feel the need to clarify a few things.

HTML Goodies is the most recent, but certainly not the first, group to state that Google is “poised to take over the technology world.” But is Google really such an unstoppable giant?

They certainly have strengths. To name a few:

* Android is definitely gaining both popularity and apps, and is currently a very strong competitor against Apple.
* Chrome OS is an exciting platform that will spread Google’s influence into a new sector of technology.
* They have about seventy percent of the search market share.
* They remain innovative, strong, well versed, and have an amazingly bright and promising staff.

However, Google isn’t the conquering God of War. Here are a few reasons why:

* They bleed. Remember Wave? How about Buzz? The company still has failures, and is second best in a great many areas.
* Chrome OS isn’t ready for mainstream consumption. Gaming, productivity, and other elements will be stunted as web-based applications grow in viability and number; it will be at least a couple years before Chrome OS can stand toe-to-toe with PC and Mac.
* Competitors are growing in strength. Both Bing and Yahoo are inching up in their share of the market.

So, while still an immensely strong company, you shouldn’t go swearing your eternal allegiance to them just yet; if they do take over the world, it won’t be for a great number of years.

Rob D Young

Rob D Young

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