Have You Downloaded Google’s App, Called ‘Keep’ Yet?

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Google's new app called Keep

Google is on a roll when it comes to mobile applications. First they come out with the new Google + Local app, now they come out with an app called Keep. Have you downloaded it yet?

What does Keep do?

It is a productivity app that has taken to-do lists to a completely new level. You’ll notice that it has a beautiful and colorful interface, of which you have complete control of.

How does it differ from other productivity tools?

Keep allows you to add images, text, and audio notes to your to list. When I saw that we could add audio notes, I hurried to the App Store to download it, but found out that it’s only available in Android. 🙁

Good news for all you Android users though..

When you compare this app to Evernote, another popular productivity app, you’ll notice that Keep falls short in some areas. Some of these include:

  • the lack of the ability to share notes with other people
  • relies on an internet connection
  • no folders or categories

If you’re using Evernote or another productivity app, will you switch to Keep? If you’ve already been using the app, how do you like it? Please comment below. 🙂

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is a PPC expert, entrepreneur, blogger, and amiable guy. In his spare time, you can find him updating his own blog.
Adam Morgan
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  • Karan Lakhani

    Having never used Evernote and being an HUGE fan of the Google-App ecosystem, I can say that Keep is a really useful app although the are quite a few bugs. The most major one being on the web front. Finding the URL to Keep is quite frustrating. As the URL suggests, it is part of Google Drive, but there are no shortcuts or buttons linking to it. The only way to find it is through a search (so Bookmark it when you find it!) Syncing can be erroneous and can take its own sweet time on mobile data connections. And there are not many options to sort or organize notes.

    This being said, It’s either a hit or miss like many other Google Apps: Some might not want to use it because of all the bugs, but I for one will wait it out through the updates because there is greater potential to have this integrated into other Google Products. Who knows, it might even become like Pocket someday. 🙂

  • Niki

    I never got into Evernote, so I’m actually a big fan of Google Keep!

    I use the Keep widget on my Android for simple reminders, and checklists – which is all I really need!

  • Charles Crawford

    Hi Adam,

    Nice review about this application. I just downloaded this application today. All I can say is that I am now a fan of Google Keep. I really need checklist and reminders and now I am using this application. I was also able to add images and audio notes to your to list.


  • Patrick Rogan

    I have spent many years looking around and trying to find a task manager that works for our company and
    what I have found that works for us is Astrid recently sold to Yahoo for a heap of money. This task manager works on Iphone Android Mac and PC. It allows you to to do Voice Memos, capture we pages like Evernote , sub tasks and invite people to join your list our just a task.

    I employ 130 staff and 140 doctors and have 5 managers and this allows me to task the managers and they in turn task their supervisors. I have rolled it out to all the managers and supervisors and they all love it. I also use it to communicate with our web designers abroad and run Projects from it . You can make it as big or small as you want it.

    and by the way its Free