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Happy 11th Birthday to Goog11e .. or Google

Google introduced a new logo today to celebrate its 11th birthday since the company was first started back in 1998 by two Stanford students. In the logo, the “L” in Google is replaced by an eleven “11”, spelling out Google as “Goog11e”.

If you click on the Google logo, it takes the user to the search results page of “google”, sporting a special Google 11th Birthday element in the search query field of the URL :

The Google results themselves make for a nice highlight and timeline of the company, listing Google products and services which have launched over the past 11 years, including Google Adwords, Blogspot, Google Maps, GMail and Google Video. It’s pretty amazing that in only 11 years Google has become the technology powerhouse that it now is, and I firmly feel that Google has a long way to go, especially as they focus on cloud computing, mobile, operating systems and global broadband connectivity.

Last year for its 10th birthday, Goolgle launched a 10 year Google timeline to celebrate, I hope they make some updates to it this week 🙂

Happy 11th Birthday Google!

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Happy 11th Birthday to Goog11e .. or Google

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