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Hackers Targeting Google AdSense Code?

Hackers Targeting Google AdSense Code?

Barry Schwartz points to a thread at DigitalPoint where a site publisher and Google AdSense member reports that his site was cracked and the Google AdSense Publisher ID changed.

The publisher realized something was wrong when he logged into his AdSense account to see zero impressions and no revenue for the day, then checked the AdSense code on his site to see that a switch in the Publisher ID was made.

One member pipes up that giving others access to site code and loose security measures could be the reasons for this, but it’s good for publishers out there to keep an eye out for trouble as this could be the start of a new trend:

Well, you could report this to Google, but I do not think that they will react. And the fact is if they ban that account it will not be right, because I could add right now one of your AdSense account numbers on my site and say someone hacked my site and should be banned.

It is your fault that you let someone have access to the code of your site. If you have a security problem try to find it as soon as possible and fix it.

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Hackers Targeting Google AdSense Code?

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