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Introducing Greplin: the Search Engine for Your Personal Online Life

Searching through the entire online world is already something we do, everyday. How about searching through your own personal online world? Y Combinator has just just come out with something very cool that will allow you to do just that. Meet Greplin.

Greplin is a personal search engine that brings together all the information from your various social networking sites so that you can easily find exactly what you are looking for without having to know exactly where it might be located. After registering for the site and authorizing it through your choice of social platform, Greplin will give a box where you can search for things like tweets, Facebook messages, emails and LinkedIn info – just to name a few.

Greplin founder, Daniel Gross is the youngest Y Combinator funded entrepreneur and was said (by Paul Graham, partner in Y C) to have come up with the idea when he didn’t know where to locate the address to a party he was on his way to.

According to the site’s blog, they are accepting account registrations, however you might have to wait a little for them to make room for you to join officially. Some users, on the other hand, will get activated right away.

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Introducing Greplin: the Search Engine for Your Personal Online Life

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