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GookBox – Store & Play Music in GMail

GookBox – Store & Play Music in GMail

The folks at GookBox (not owned or associated with Google) have come up with a rather useful and hip GMail application, which lets users play and store music files in their GMail accounts. Problem is that they may need to rebrand soon, as their name includes a racial slur for Asians.

I do believe however that their name, GookBox, was chosen with an ignorance of racial slurs (including those of the Vietnam era US) since the company is based in India. Gookbox will probably want to change their name if they want to grow Internationally, as they’re going to rub a lot of people the wrong way, except perhaps Senator John McCain.

GookBox explains themselves as being “The first musicail application. Plays and stores music in your google mail account. You now dont need to duplicate or recreate your music collection when you relocate or travel. When you are almost online most of your time on a high speed internet, It becomes imperative to centralise almost everything important. Gookbox helps you do just that. Gookbox maintains your music collection in your Gmail account, streams your music directly from your mailbox even caching it for times you become offline.”

GookBox Features:

* Upload music to your mail account.
* View music in gmail as playlist.
* Play music.
* Cached play for times when you are offline.

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GookBox – Store & Play Music in GMail

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