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Beyond Bard: A Conversation With Google’s Yury Pinsky on AI & the Future of SEO


Bard is our creative collaborator. It’s a place where you can come in and have a conversation with the large language model which really helps you to boost your productivity and bring your ideas to life. –Yuri Pinsky, 02:16

Step behind the curtain and into the world of Google’s Bard with its Director of Product Management, Yury Pinsky, in an exclusive conversation with SEJ Editor-in-Chief Amanda Zantal-Wiener.

Hear about the origins and journey to Bard’s unveiling, and discover how the team behind it envisions a collaborative future with AI. SEO pros and seasoned digital marketers alike will get an up-close look at the nuances of generative AI and a glimpse at what predictions for what’s next.

So prep your popcorn — grab your notetaking method of choice — and tune in to learn how to incorporate Google’s current and forward-looking AI initiatives into your own business innovation.

[07:11] – The origin of Bard and its market niche.
[13:23] – Impact of generative AI and Bard on SEO and content creation.
[17:37] – Using Bard for audience evaluation in content creation.
[23:54] – Distinctive features of Bard compared to other AI models.
[28:33] – Most interesting prompts seen in Bard.
[33:29] – Future vision for Bard and generative AI.

I’m inspired by this idea that technology can work together with us, and we can bring Bard in as a creative partner in your editorial work or when we’re trying to write a document for work or something in our personal lives. –Yuri Pinsky, 09:46

It’s a very vibrant, fast-paced, fast moving industry right now. I think some of the unique things we have with Bard are things like the ability to plug into Google tools. –Yuri Pinsky, 23:54

In the sciences and the medical field, there could be lots of interesting breakthroughs in drug discovery in climate applications. How can they use the power of these foundational models to really benefit all of us in some way? –Yuri Pinsky, 25:44

Your ideas still have to be your own in order for AI to work with you best and work for you best. –Yuri Pinsky, 28:33

It is not the end of search. Bard is an experiment. It’s complementary to search. It’s this conversational collaborator. –Yuri Pinsky, 32:47

Connect with Yury Pinsky:
Yury is a Product Manager for Bard, leading areas including Extensions, Factuality, and multi-modality. Yury is passionate about cutting edge technology and finding ways to bring it to users around the world. Prior to serving in his current role, Yury led product teams around Natural Language and Speech Recognition for the Google Assistant, spent time building wearables in Google [X], and helped build out Google Search on mobile devices.

Outside of work, Yury enjoys spending time with his family, planning his next vacation, and the daily logistics of kids’ extracurricular activities.

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Beyond Bard: A Conversation With Google’s Yury Pinsky on AI & the Future of SEO

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