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Google’s Social Login Popularity Increases In Q1 2014, According To New Study

Janrain, the leader in customer profile management, published its latest quarterly Social Login Trends report this week.  The data shows clear trends favoring Google over Facebook, and Yahoo even starting to climb a little.  Twitter, on the other hand, continues to lag behind.

Here are some highlights from the study:

Google continues to steal market share from Facebook.
Google’s share of social logins increased 3% to 38%, while Facebook declined 3% to 42%. Google now has its highest market share since Q4 2010.

The Google increase is likely the result of unifying services under a single Google login identity.
Moving to a single login for Gmail, Google+, YouTube, Android, Play Store etc. has likely made played a key role in the increase of Google’s market share.

Yahoo’s share of social logins improved 1.5%.
Yahoo recently removed support for social logins with Facebook and Google, meaning if you use Yahoo services you had no other choice but to login with a Yahoo ID. This likely contributed to their increase in market share.

Google also gained market share from Facebook in social logins for retailers and eCommerce.
Google’s share increased from 23% to 26%, while Facebook’s share decreased 2%. As services such as the Play Store (Android) grow more prominent, Janrain believes consumers are becoming more comfortable with using their Google identity when making online purchases.

What do these findings mean for marketers?

Social logins make it easier for marketers to collect more accurate customer information without sacrificing conversion rates. Social logins help facilitate the registration process by reducing it to a single click and provide instant permission-based access to rich demographic and psychographic data about your customers.

The data from social profiles can be used to improve your marketing efforts with more accurate targeting and personalization. Knowing which social login services customers prefer to use can help you better accommodate your customers and and improve acquisition rates.

For more information, please see Janrain’s complete report.

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Google’s Social Login Popularity Increases In Q1 2014, According To New Study

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