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Google’s Secret Display Advertising Network

Google has created a ‘secret’ Google Display Advertising Network to attract Fortune 1000 companies into the Google advertising realm. Google’s Display Advertising Network is exclusive and invitation only, and based upon high CPM (cost per thousand impressions) rates and not cost per click, like Google AdWords or the current AdSense network.

John Chow describes the Google Display Advertising Network:

While Google won’t tell normal AdSense publishers what the revenue split on their account is, they are much more open with the display network. As a matter fact, every display network members negotiates a flat CPM rate with Google. The contracts are one year long and publishers have to guarantee Google that they will provide a minimum amount of ad inventory each month. Publishers can serve more than the minimum amount and still receive the same CPM rate for the overage.

Reporting by the display network is currently via weekly emails from Google. The information is extremely limited. The only information shown is your weekly ad impressions and page views. Take that ad impression figure, multiply it by your CPM rate and you’ll have how much you made.

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Google’s Secret Display Advertising Network

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