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Google’s Search Market Share Down in Year-Over-Year Numbers

Google’s Search Market Share Down in Year-Over-Year Numbers

ComScore’s latest search market share numbers are out, and the search giant Google is slightly less dominant than it was at this time last year.

While still holding on to a healthy 65% of the US search market, that’s less than the 68.7% held by Google at this time last year. It amounts to a  5.6% decrease in year-over-year search market share.

Bing and Yahoo are both up 1% each in terms of search market share held in July 2015 compared to the previous month. They’re holding on to 20.3% and 12.7% of the search market respectively.

When you take into account the amount of searches per month that are “powered by” Bing, such as those times when Yahoo returns Bing search results, Bing’s share of the search market is closer to 31.5%.

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Compared to this time last year, “powered by” Bing searches made up 27.5% of the US search market. That’s a 14.5% increase in year-over-year search share.

According to the numbers, Bing is growing while Google is attracting fewer searches than it did at this time last year.

For a complete look at the search market share number for July 2015, see ComScore’s full report.

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