Google’s Schmidt States Mobile Growing Faster than All Predictions

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Google representatives, especially those high up on the ladder, are no stranger to major events. This is especially true for Eric Schmidt who, over the years, has given keynote addresses at almost every top technology and business event even slightly related to his industry. It’s no surprise, then, that he would be selected for the opening keynote at the IAB Leadership Conference.

While Schmidt covered many talking points directly relevant to the event itself, he also went into the details of one particularly booming industry: mobile. He stated that the world of mobility had “finally caught up with the promises we talked about for so long,” and that the medium is growing in popularity faster than anyone had predicted.

To support this claim, Schmidt gave various facts and figures, including the huge jump in mobile traffic for advertisers who aired commercials during the Super Bowl; Chrysler saw their mobile figures multiply by 102 (opposed to their 48 times multiplication on the desktop platform for that same time period), while GoDaddy saw a 315 multiplier (contrasted with just 38 multiplier via desktop browsers). Additionally, 78% of smartphone owners use their web and applications as a part of their shopping experience, a trend which Schmidt thinks will continue in years to come. Perhaps most telling, though, is the popularity of sites with strong mobile features, such as YouTube, which gets roughly 200 million playbacks per day on the mobile platform alone.

To wrap up his discussion of the mobile platform, Schmidt stated that display advertising should link to mobile and that the mobile advertising industry will grow notably to help match this demand. He claims that the industry, currently about a $17 billion business, will (according to Schmidt) reach the $200 billion mark in years to come.

[via Mashable]

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  • Zippy Cart

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. Mobile has been steadily growing for years…pretty much every year is “the biggest year ever!” Not to toot Google’s horn too much, but their Android OS could be largely to thank for the increase in mobile activity/spending. Before it came along, the smartphone market was dominated by the iPhone or Blackberries. iPhones were more expensive and exclusive (married to only one carrier) and Blackberries were/were seen as being less functional and more business-like, an image which recent commercial campaigns have tried aggressively to change from that of the frumpy businessman to the hip young person.
    The advent of the Android smartphone, which has spread to just about every carrier it can get to, has lowered the bar for entry for people who wanted a smartphone that would fit their needs, on a budget, and on the network they wanted. Couple that with the fact that Android is actually a strong OS and you’ve got a recipe for an increased market of net-enabled shoppers/users. Add that to the American need for instant gratification and it’s hard to lose.

  • george phillip

    Mobile penetration rates have consistently increased year to year and the smartphone market is quickly bridging the mobile vs desktop gap in regards to internet usage.

  • Derek Jansen

    I think that it all boils down to accessibility to the web. Mobile provides this access in pretty much any perceivable location, and so its no wonder that mobile is growing so rapidly.

  • Alyasha

    As was mentioned in above comments there are obvious reasons for increase trend in mobile web users. More and more affordable smart phones, more affordable and larger bandwidth phone plans, more and easier web applications as a result more mobile oriented hm..”stuff” businesses do, hence the increase in that area. And it will continue that way…Because in today world we want stuff and we want it now.

  • Razbet

    The mobile market is huge and soon we’re not gonna need computers anymore ….