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Google Presently Launches : Google’s Online Collaborative Apps is Now Complete

Google Presently Launches : Google’s Online Collaborative Apps is Now Complete

The much awaited application that would complete Google’s online collaborative suite is finally here as Google has launched Google presentation, an online tool for creating, sharing, presenting and collaborating.

googlepresentation.jpgGoogle’s presentation tool sits right into Google Docs & Spreadsheets File Tabs along side documents and spreadsheet items. The presentation online workspace is similar to the workspaces when creating documents and spreadsheets so it is easy to use.

Google’s presentation tool works like your ordinary Powerpoint software. It is preloaded with several neat looking default themes which you can easily change at the click of a button.

Because the presentation tool sits right into Google Docs and Spreadsheets you can easily publish and share your presentations after saving it. Right there in the presentation workspace, you can launch the presentation through a web browser.

Google’s presentation is as simple as a presentation tool can be. Just like its predecessors, Google docs and spreasheets, Google is banking on simplicity and ease of use rather than on the more complicated interface.

One thing that the presentation tool lacks is the facility to embed presentations on blogs and sites. It would have been better if this feature is included or to be included later on.

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