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Google’s New Version of Search Console is Officially Out of Beta

Google’s New Version of Search Console is Officially Out of Beta

Google announced today the new version of Search Console is officially out of beta.

The new Search Console has been in beta since it launched at the beginning of the year.

Though it has been readily available to all users, the new Search Console has technically been in beta because it didn’t offer all of the key features available in the classic version.

The decision to graduate the new Search Console out of beta was made because most common use cases are now supported.

“While the old Search Console still has some features that are not yet available in the new one, we believe that the most common use cases are supported, in an improved way, in the new Search Console.”

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With that said, two more features have been added to the new Search Console as of today:

  • Manual Actions report: Active manual actions and security issues will be shown directly on the Overview page.
  • URL Inspection tool (Live mode): Run the URL inspection on the live version of the page.

People who still use the classic version of Search Console will see a message pointing them to the new version when an equivalent feature exists.

However, Google did not give any indication that the classic Search Console will be going away any time soon. So those who prefer the old version can continue using it.

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Google says it will continue moving old reports and features to the new Search Console. The company will continue to work on it even though it’s out of beta.


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