Google’s New Search Algorithm- SEO people up in arms

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It’s a retailer’s worst nightmare heading into the week before one of the biggest shopping days of the year: losing advertisements.

Bambi Francisco looks into Google’s Update and how it has effected e-retailers who have been dumped from the top rankings

According to Laura Thieme, president and founder of marketing firm, her client’s Internet search ranking was completely wiped out after Google recently changed its search algorithm that ranks Web pages based on search queries. For the last 18 months, Thieme’s client, which sells board games, was ranked among the top 20 most popular sites for the search term “board games.”

But after the mid-November tweak, the ranking didn’t even make the top 800 listings. While the ranking fluctuated from time to time, it’s “unusual to completely lose your position,” Thieme said.

The more I look into Google’s new update, the more it makes sense. Google is filtering out link spammers and style of the month search engine optimization techniques from its listings along with one pager affiliate marketing sites. This makes perfect sense. Sure, the update is not perfect… but if we expect to be served results gathered via search engine spamming, why use Google in the first pace.

Google is for relevant results, not sites with engineered text to appear on certain terms. That’s why careful and planned search engine optimization is so important for companies. Tips to rank highly in Google’s “new” index:

  • Optimize your site for the content and services you have.
  • Instead of using a links page or multi linking campaigns on links only pages, try to get other sites to include their links to you within their content
  • Don’t take Google page rank too seriously
  • Don’t link to sites or request links from sites that have content which is not relevant to yours
  • A couple of links and keywords on your site will not get you high rankings, your site must be relevant to the terms that you’d like to appear on. Content is king. Write, write, write.
  • Loren Baker
    Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
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    • by me

      how the hell do you know?

    • Interview with Google on new algo at

    • this has to against the law. what if the city of palo alto decided to move el camino one weekend from in fron of all the retailers. the business world would not allow such a thing. many retailers shut down their walk in stores as we did. now we are hung out to dry. we will see what our local represenatives have to say about this. i also see that the major big box stores too a number one position in most searches.

    • You think it’s a good thing. BS All of my web pages are legit, with no nefarious attempts to fool search engines. They have virtually disappeared, even with highly specific searches. This has to be a move to get people to purchase high rankings.

    • I have admire your unselfishness in taking the time to make this web site.

    • Every Google update means sleapless nights and hard work to get the rankings back in place…
      Thanks for all the interesting stuff that I found here.

    • Every Google update means sleapless nights and hard work to get the rankings back in place…
      Thanks for all the interesting stuff that I found here.