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Google’s Music Service to be Launched by Christmas? It Sure Seems Like It

According to sources very close to the project (as reported by Wired), Google’s Andy Rubin has been in talks with various music labels about a music service that the search giant has been trying to launch. Now, according to these sources, we may get said service by Christmas. Google continues to build weapons for it’s arsenal in the war it is seemingly waging against Apple.

With this new downloading service, it could replace the current integration system it has with Amazon’s MP3 store and really bolster its Android line to be even more of a competitor against iPhone’s then it already is. While iTunes currently accounts for 70 percent of all digital music sales in the U.S. record labels are very excited about the prospect of a company taking on Apple; the music industry sees this battle as something they could thoroughly benefit from.

In an article posted in June, Mashable’s Christina Warren said that it seems as though Google’s “ultimate goals is to have a cloud-based subscription service that could stream direction to Android-based devices” by first launching a downloading service that is incorporated into their search engine, then progressing into an online subscription service by next year.

Do you think this service could be real competition for Apple and iTunes? Would you give it a try?

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Google’s Music Service to be Launched by Christmas? It Sure Seems Like It

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