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Google’s Most Popular Top Level Domains

Google’s Most Popular Top Level Domains

Bill Slawski has outdone himself this time with an amazing list of the number of top level domains Google has indexed for almost every single TLD (.com, .org. edu..etc.). Bill thought of the task after reading an article about the amount of .cn top level domains being registered and when a Cre8asite forum member asked about .info domains.

This led Bill to find lists of country and generic top level domains and perform searches in Google for the number of sites indexed for each TLD : “For example, a search for “” without the quotation marks might show me approximately how many pages appear in Google’s index that are on sites using a ‘.com’ top level domain.”

The results are a list of the 20 top level domains with the most page results in Google, 20 top level domains with the least page results in Google, and page amounts from all of the top level domains looked up in Google. The only numbers that Slawski seems to be missing here are the number of coffees and bottles of Visine he downed while putting these lists together.

Bill’s post on SEO by the SEA, Google’s most popular and least popular top level domains, is a masterpiece and I hope that he put together some sort of program script to generate new Google domain index numbers on an ongoing basis.

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Google’s Most Popular Top Level Domains

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