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Google’s Mobile Search Revenue Projected To Grow As Desktop Revenue Falls

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Google’s Mobile Search Revenue Projected To Grow As Desktop Revenue Falls

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In eMarketer’s latest look at the mobile ad market, we see that Google’s mobile search revenue accounts for 19.1% of its total US advertising revenues. Just two years ago Google’s mobile search revenue accounted for just 4.8% of its US ad revenues, which shows how fast the mobile ad market is growing.

Continuing this trend, by 2015 Google’s mobile search revenue is projected to account for 30% of its US ad revenues. Desktop search revenue, on the other hand, is projected to fall to 43%. Quite a significant drop from their current desktop search revenue, which accounts for 63.3% of their total US ad revenues.

Search continues to be the largest single format when it comes to mobile ad spending, but as most major players in the US digital ad market shift their attention to mobile we see that mobile display revenue is projected to grow as well.

This year eMarketer projects that 3.8% of Google’s net US ad revenues will come from mobile display, with 13.8% coming from desktop display ads. YouTube is the major reason that more dollars from mobile display ads are going to Google. Both mobile and desktop display ad revenues are projected to grow by 2015 to 9.4% and 16.6% respectively.

This year overall, 22.9% of Google’s US ad revenues will come from mobile.


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