Googles’ Link Shortening Service,, Now Open to the Public

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Google’s URL shortening service,, has added new features and launched it’s open service and companion site today for public use. When the feature first went into action in December of last year, it was not a stand-alone one. It was only accessible through the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner. However, now is it openly available by visiting New features added to include, breakdowns of link clickers, and QR codes for every link shortened.

This service is very similar to and in response to ReadWriteWeb, John Borthwick (of stated, “the took all the basic features and copied from”. With this service now open to the masses, it makes one think about the future of the competitors. Do you think people will convert to using over or TinyURL just because it is a Google product?

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • caryseo pugal

    I wouldn't convert because it is a Google product.

    Only when there are different players offering a service, there is growth and diversity.

    Let's keep it that way, if possible.


  • Alex Dsouza

    It seems that Google's real invention is only search. But these days it seems Google is stepping into less-comfort zones like social media and started acquiring and coping twitter and bitly by launching Buzz and now One advice to to Google, please continue to focus on your strength rather than stepping into the confident zone of others. You can wrestle your muscle to Facebook, Bitly & Twitter. You have flopped in social arena. Concentrate more on your strength rather poaching in others domain!

  • Aucklandecofarm

    Yep, I think Google should iron-out the bugs of the things they already have (e.g. places), before going into others!

  • CharityHisle

    Well, as a person that has too many logins, it will be more convenient to have multiple resources attached to my Google account (analytics, feedburner). What I don't like is that custom URL's aren't available yet. One thing is for sure, we shouldn't have to worry about this shortener quitting on us like did.