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Googles’ Link Shortening Service, Goo.gl, Now Open to the Public

Googles’ Link Shortening Service, Goo.gl, Now Open to the Public

Google’s URL shortening service, Goo.gl, has added new features and launched it’s open service and companion site today for public use. When the feature first went into action in December of last year, it was not a stand-alone one. It was only accessible through the Google Toolbar and FeedBurner. However, now is it openly available by visiting Goo.gl. New features added to Goo.gl include, breakdowns of link clickers, and QR codes for every link shortened.

This service is very similar to Bit.ly and in response to ReadWriteWeb, John Borthwick (of Bit.ly) stated, “the took all the basic features and copied from bit.ly”. With this service now open to the masses, it makes one think about the future of the competitors. Do you think people will convert to using Goo.gl over Bit.ly or TinyURL just because it is a Google product?


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