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Google’s John Mueller on Retaining SEO After Migrating Web Platforms

Google’s John Mueller recently offered advice on migrating to a different web platform with minimal impact on SEO.

More specifically, Mueller added his knowledge of how Google works to a conversation about the web platform Wix.

In a thread titled “Is WIX really that bad?”, a user left a comment saying:

“Yeah, because if and when you decide to move away from Wix, you’re basically going to have to start over.”

Mueller replied saying a site isn’t truly starting over if it keeps the same domain name.

A site can continue to build on the value it has collected as long as the domain name doesn’t change.

“You don’t start from zero again,” Mueller says.

He goes on to add that redirects may be required in some cases, but the site will not be starting from scratch as far as SEO is concerned.

Here is Mueller’s full quote:

“If you use your own domain name for your site, even if you move to another provider you can continue to build on the old site’s collected “value”. You don’t start from zero again. You might need to set up redirects or rebuild individual pages, but that’s still a lot easier than growing a site from the ground up.”

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Google’s John Mueller on Retaining SEO After Migrating Web Platforms

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