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Google’s iOS App Returning Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) in Search Results

Google’s flagship app for iOS can finally surface AMPs in search results. One year after AMP technology being released, Google’s mobile app on one of the top two mobile platforms is now able to return the instant-loading pages in search.

AMPs in Google’s iOS app will be marked with the familiar lighting bolt icon you’re used to seeing in mobile search elsewhere.

With news coming out recently that AMPs are driving 7% of traffic to the web’s top publishers in the US, it’s clear the technology has momentum behind it. With new support for AMPs in Google’s iOS app it’s possible we could see this percentage spike over the coming months.

Additional Updates to Google’s iOS App

In addition to support for AMPs, Google has released a couple of other updates to its iOS app.

When searching for local establishments, you can now filter results by “Top Rated” and what’s “Open Now”. So now you’ll never have to run into the problem of searching for pizza delivery only to find the pizza place you want to try closed an hour ago.

In another update, the Google app now supports Gboard whether or not you have the alternative keyboard installed on your device. However, using Gboard is completely optional at this point. If you’re partial to the keyboard, or want to try it out without having to install it, it can be turned on and off from the app settings menu.

Reception to version 23.0 of Google’s iOS app has been lukewarm thus far, with users reporting it’s now more cumbersome to delete search history, so take that for what it’s worth before deciding to update.

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Google’s iOS App Returning Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) in Search Results

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