Google’s Domain Registration Service Now Open To All US Residents

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Google’s Domain Registration Service Now Open To All US Residents

Google’s domain registration service, launched in public beta this past June, is now open to all US residents. When first launched, the service was only available to people in the US through an invite system.

The service includes the registration of a domain name as well as extras like private registration, email forwarding to Gmail, support for up to 100 sub-domains, and domain forwarding.

Domain registration starts at $12 per year. For additional fees you can take advantage of integrated services through Google parters such as Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix. Google has also added support for its own software Blogger, making it easy for Blogger users to link up their blog with a new domain name.

During the initial testing period (the company says it’s still in beta) Google received feedback from early adopters that has led to a number of improvements. The service now offers a more streamlined dashboard, support for over 60 domain extensions, the ability to browse templates from providers listed above, and a better search tool for finding that perfect URL.

Those outside the US have the option to sign up to a mailing list in order to be notified when the service will be available in their country. No timeline for a rollout in other countries was announced.

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  • Anik

    do you know if this service will available worldwide or not?if yes when?

  • kevin pike

    Google became a domain registrar 10 years ago, yes? I see this as a bigger play for the big G. For one, they could easily take their domains over to their cloud platform and help folks setup CDN’s and get more market share on cloud services.

  • Glenn D. Bearsky

    What assurances do buyers have that Google isn’t selling them a TOXIC domain? Over the years I’ve inadvertently bought domains that were previously owned – and absolutely struggled to get some to rank. Penalized or de-indexed domains I recently let go are up for sale by Google.

    Last year you ran a story on Matt Cutts: “How To Avoid Buying..” a penalized domain – putting ALL the responsibility on the consumer to (ahem) do their homework before buying. Does this still apply? Are all penalties and flags removed from an old domain if you buy it through Google – GUARANTEED?

    Since they’re the one handing-out -50, -100+ keyword and backlink penalties left and right – do dropped domains really get a clean slate to move forward on? Google needs to address this – and some of you big players in the SEO industry need to hold feet to the fire and get clear, explicit answers on this.

    • Kelsey Jones

      That’s a great point, Glenn. I hadn’t even thought of this. My old domain, awencreative [dot] com was bought by some spammers because it had some link juice. I should have kept it because now it’s such a shady site!

  • Diane Tellis

    No thanks. I would rather use or one of the hundreds of other domain registrars. I don’t like the idea of Google controlling every aspect of my online life. Without a doubt, they’re the best at search – that’s it.