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Google’s Direct Answers Now Shown on 10% of SERPs [REPORT]

Google is reportedly returning more direct answers in search results, with 10% of mobile SERPs now containing a direct answer box.

This data comes from RankRanger’s latest report on mobile SERP features in the US.

This represents an increase of 1.4% more direct answers compared to last month. That’s one of the greatest month-over-month increases of all search features that appear at the top of the page.

The data in this report is notable because it demonstrates Google is ramping up its efforts to deliver more immediate answers to queries.

On one hand this may be beneficial to searchers, on the other hand it could be a disservice to publishers. If searchers get what they’re looking for right in the SERPs, it gives them less of a reason to click through to other pages.

Will this trend continue to increase? We’ll have to wait and see when further reports come out.

Other key insights from this report include:

  • 23.06% of page one SERPs include at least 1 AMP result.
  • 3.93% of all organic results are AMP (of the SERPs with at least one AMP.)
  • Ads appear on 30.89% of page one SERPs.
  • Rich Cards appear on 20.89% of SERPs, an increase of 5.64% over last month.
  • 45.75% of SERPs include sidelinks, an increase of 13.61% over last month.
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Google’s Direct Answers Now Shown on 10% of SERPs [REPORT]

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