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Google’s In-Depth Articles Return After 2 Week Absence

Google’s In-Depth Articles Return After 2 Week Absence

Google inexplicably removed the in-depth articles section from search results over two weeks ago. Now it appears the section has returned just as quietly as it was removed.

The in-depth articles section surfaces long-form content and has been around since 2013, before being removed 17 days ago. Google never officially spoke on why it was removed, but now it’s back leading to some speculation that it may have been a bug or glitch that cause it to go down.

As far as we can tell, the section functions as it always did, ruling out the possibility of it going down for maintenance or a revamping. However, it’s not as prominant as it once was. Mozcast has the in depth articles section now showing up for 7% of queries when it once showed up for around 13%.

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