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Google’s Candidate Cards Cards Updated, Let You Know Where Nominees Stand on Issues

Google’s Candidate Cards Cards Updated, Let You Know Where Nominees Stand on Issues

Google has made updates to its 2016 electoral candidate cards that will make it easier to determine where an individual stands on a key issue.

In addition to the features that launched with the first test of candidate cards, you can now enter in commands like “Ted Cruz climate change” to see what the Senator of Texas has to say about that sort of thing (or any other issue).

In the search results Google will display cards with quotes from candidates made directly to Google, when applicable, as well as quotes pulled from news articles.

In addition, if you want a quick look at how each of the candidates are fairing state-by-state, a search for “primary results” will bring up a bar graph showing you just that.

Google is also dedicating a significant amount of home page real estate encouraging searchers to stay informed, as well as when/where to vote in their local area.

It will be interesting to see, when the election is said and done, if these efforts from Google have any affect on voter turnout, or any affect on swaying voters’ decisions as the election progresses.

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