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Google’s Blogger Gets Geo-Location and More

Google’s Blogger Gets Geo-Location and More

With over 10 million users, Blogger is significantly more popular than WordPress, the second on the scale of in-demand blog-hosting services. That may be because Blogger was established well before Google purchased the company, earning the early trust of the blogosphere. However, it may also be the frequent feature updates that can be blamed for this top spot. Blogger makes updates, both minor and major, on a frequent basis. Its May updates contains several important features, including geo-location tagging, a new media UI, and some bug fixes.

Geo-Location Tagging

Users who use the experimental “Drafts” version of Blogger will already know all about this feature, since it’s been available in Drafts for several months. To use the geo-location tag, simply click the “add” button next to the newly added “location” option at the bottom-right of the new post composition window. This will take you to a Google Map lets you search for a specific region, then zoom in to add a more specific tag (for example, you could zoom into the map and locate the region you’re staying in, such as the “central business district of your cityyour state“). This post tag will appear, by default, right underneath your author name on the published post.

New Media Interface

Users who add a lot of media, including uploading either images or video, should love the new Blogger media interface. Beyond being moved into a draggable window that lets you look at your blog during the image-adding process, the overall look and feel have been revamped.

Bug Fixes

Two recurring bugs have been fixed: non-Google-user comments that were seeing errors should now appear on the blog as normal, and errors caused by browsing blog archives from older navigation links have been resolved.

What do you think Google needs to update next with Blogger?

[via the Blogger Buzz, Blogger’s official blog]


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Google’s Blogger Gets Geo-Location and More

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