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Google’s Big Daddy Cleaning House

Google’s Big Daddy Cleaning House

Google’s Big Daddy Cleaning House

The Google Big Daddy update has been underway for a bit now and I’ve noticed a thread on Digital Point Forums about a large amount of sites being cleansed from the Google Big Daddy index.

The thread is about 10 days old, but is stil fairly active with accounts of thousands of pages being omitted. Some forum members are thinking that reasons for the dropping are DMOZ clones, duplicate content, and usage of the Digital Point Coop Network.

From the threads:

yep I lost a lot of coop weight as well. I hope Google returns to normal. I wish I really knew what was going on. I think this Big Daddy update is buggy then heck IMO.

1 site of mine lost over 50% and is still dropping after a little recovery of like 5 pages only. The PR maintains which I think would have dropped in case of some penalty. Back Link count also is stable. I have seen similar drops for a small forum as well. Index cleaning could be a possibility.

“I noticed DigitalPoint forums dropped as well. So maybe this is a cleaning period.”

I went from 30k to 200. I wonder how this effects [Digital Point’s] co-op [Link Advertising Network]? Surely my weight has to go down.

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Google’s Big Daddy Cleaning House

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