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Googlers Get a Free Nexus S

We’ve been reporting a lot on the Nexus S lately. That’s mostly because Google has been so clever in marketing it, of course, what with their 42″ Nexus S model and the near-space voyage of seven brave Android phones. However, it’s also because we’re excited for Gingerbread, the possibility of an actually successful Google-constructed phone, and what these things will mean for the market. We’re not the ones who like this new little toy, though. Googlers themselves seem to be excited enough about the technology that they’ve convinced Google HQ to give them their own Nexus S devices.

According to a post over at the Android Community, Googlers across the globe will be receiving their own Nexus S handsets. Somewhat surprisingly, the “across the globe” description is quite accurate; even those in countries like Australia, where Google and Samsung have made no announcements of a public release of the Nexus S, will be receiving the phone.

Google has done this before, but never on quite so large a scale. The Nexus One, for instance, was given to all the employees in India, but not in North America or most other parts of the world. Google’s closest handset giveaway was the HTC Dream, but even that was comparatively limited.

The Nexus S doesn’t function on all the frequencies available in markets like Australia, which is part of the reason for the delay. While the 900MHz and 2100MHz bandwidths (those used in portions of North America and parts of Australia) work just fine, much of Australia is sitting at 850MHz, which will mean much slower voice and data connection speeds.

The indication is that the Nexus S devices will be shipped to Googlers starting roughly now and concluding by the end of the first quarter of 2011.

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Googlers Get a Free Nexus S

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