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Google’s Neal Mohan Predicts Big Changes for Display Ads

Google wears more hats than Bartholomew Cubbins, but at the end of the day Google is just one thing: an advertising company. With the company’s revenue dependent on its various online and mobile advertisement mediums, no element of the company can evade its tie to marketing. But Google’s ad mechanism is certainly different than what came before it and, according to many, is far preferable. With each passing year, Google’s mode of advertisement – and the industry as a whole – evolve. Neal Mohan, Google’s Vice President of Display Advertising, predicts big changes ahead.

Here’s a brief breakdown of what Mohan thinks will have changed by 2015.

  • We’ll be seeing fewer display ads. “People are bombarded by online ads, but they don’t connect with most of these ads in a meaningful way,” said Mohan. He predicts a 25% drop in total ads displayed.
  • Enagement with ads will increase, by as much as 50%, according to Mohan.
  • Users will gain more direct control over the ads they see. Mohan predicts that 25% of ads will be “chosen” by a user, either through choosing to play a specific video, customizing what types of ads they want to see, or otherwise contributing directly.
  • A third of all ad campaigns will primarily track non-click, non-conversion behavior, such as offline purchases.
  • AdChoice and similar mechanisms that allow for user feedback on the type of ads displayed will see widespread use.
  • Display ads will become a favorite mode of advertising for users, with Mohan predicting that 40% of users will say display ads are their top choice (in contrast to TV spots, movie trailers, and magazine ads).

We’ll find out a lot more as we approach 2015, of course, but it’s a sure thing that display advertisement is expanding, becoming more targeted, and improving its user engagement.

[via the Official Google Blog]


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Google’s Neal Mohan Predicts Big Changes for Display Ads

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