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New Google Search Cards Will Teach You How to Do Yoga

google yoga cards

Yoga enthusiasts rejoice, as the next time you search for a yoga pose it may be Google itself teaching you how to do it.

Google is rolling out new search cards that will describe, in detail, how to perform yoga poses. The cards will include several images of the post, information about which muscle groups are targeted, and the multiple names its known by across the world.

In addition, Google will also assist the searcher by listing the preparatory and follow-up poses that accompany the pose that was originally searched for.

While the information may be enough to satisfy beginners, experienced yoga practitioners will still likely peruse the organic search results for something more advanced.

Could this be the start of a new series of fitness-related Google search cards? It was interesting to me that Google decided to roll out cards for Yoga instead of, say, other forms of exercise like: crossfit, weight lifting, pilates, etc.

I did some research on Google Trends and found that yoga is undeniably a search engine darling, with many times more searches than other popular forms of exercise I looked up.

Here’s a screenshot to put it in perspective:

google yoga cardsScreenshot taken on 14/1/16

With that kind of interest, it’s easy to understand why Google decided to dedicate special search cards to yoga exercises. Google will no doubt be satisfying a lot of searchers with these new cards, but may also detract traffic from high ranking websites in the yoga niche.

In any case, if your new year’s resolution was to take up yoga, it looks like Google has your back.

See a demo of the new search cards down below:

Featured Image Credit: LuckyImages /

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New Google Search Cards Will Teach You How to Do Yoga

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