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Google, Yahoo and Other Search Engines Under Virus Attack

Google, Yahoo and Other Search Engines Under Virus Attack

Apparently Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, and Overture are all under attack by a version of the MyDoom Virus.

MSN Search is working.

Storm Center Reports:

Latest MyDoom search engine use

(initial analysis. more details, and eventual corrections, will be posted as they become available)

The latest version of MyDoom, which started arriving in peoples mail boxes in force today, uses search eninges to find more recipients for its message.

Once the virus is started, it searched the users files for domain names. Once it spotted a domain name (e.g. ‘’, or in ‘’), it will search various search engines for valid e-mail addresses within these domains. These search engines include Lycos, Google, Altavista, Yahoo and possibly others. Some of the search strings used:

GET /default.asp?lpv=1&loc=searchhp&tab=web&query=e-mail

Some search engines report performance issues.

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