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Google Will Now Index App Content on iOS Devices

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Google Will Now Index App Content on iOS Devices

Google has announced that iOS users who search via the Google app will now be able to find content that exists on other iOS apps.

As an example, searching for a restaurant may return content from the OpenTable app — searching for recipes may return content from the Pinterest app, and so on.

To start with, Google is launching this feature with a small section of apps which include the following: Eat24, Free Dictionary, Huffington Post, OpenTable, Pinterest, SeatGeek, Slideshare, Tapatalk, Yellow Pages, YouTube and Zillow in the U.S., Biblia JFA Offline and Letras in Brazil, Cookpad and Tabelog in Japan, Domain in Australia, and eBay Kleinanzeigen in Germany.

Google promises that it’s working on indexing content from many other favorite apps

In order to take advantage of this feature you’ll have to first be searching on an iOS device using either the Google app or Chrome app. Secondly, you’ll need to have the above mentioned apps installed on your iOS device in order to search for content contained within them.

In addition, Google has also made it easier to find apps that aren’t indexed on your phone. For example, if you like word games and need a new one to keep you occupied, you can search “word games” and Google will return a list of apps that match what you’re looking for.

This move from Google is a small step towards indexing app content — especially compared to the giant leap announced by Bing several weeks ago.

In case you missed it, Bing intends to index app content from iOS, Android, and Windows apps. None of this is in place yet but is said to be coming soon.

Over the coming coming months, Google says it will implement new search features to help you find content from even more apps.


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