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Google Announces Webmaster Conference at the Googleplex

google webmaster conference

Google has announced a Webmaster Conference in the United States. The conference takes place Monday, November 4, 2019 at the Googleplex in Mountain View, California. Space is limited so conference attendees are urged to register soon.

Google Product Summit

Google announced it will be a Product Summit. The goal is to communicate with the publisher community about search and to take feedback.

“This one-day event will include talks from Search product managers, Q&A sessions, and a product fair giving attendees the opportunity to have direct conversations with product managers.”

Should You Attend the Google Product Summit?

If you have the time to fly out to Mountain View, California, then yes.

I’ve been to the Googleplex many times, on the occasion of several Google Dances, the first Google Zeitgeist conference (where I met Sergey Brin at a cocktail party) and have visited privately a couple times by invitation of a search engineer. The Googleplex is the home of modern search, there is always something to learn.

The Google Product summit will feature speakers involved in search and will provide an opportunity for the search community to ask questions.

Benefits of Google Events

Not everything spoken at Google events are reported. So it is often helpful to attend and hear what Googler’s are sharing.

Another reason to go is for the opportunity to meet others in the industry. Friendships are good in and of themselves. As someone who’s been to many search marketing events, it may feel daunting to be at an event filled with strangers, but it’s worth it in the long run to meet others in the industry.

The Googleplex is ground zero of the algorithm and the search industry. It’s a place of importance to search marketers. I think it’s worth it to attend if you have the opportunity to go.

Read the official Google announcement here:

Visit the official conference event page here:

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Google Announces Webmaster Conference at the Googleplex

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