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Google Updates AMP Validation Tool to Support Web Story

Google announced an update to the AMP Validation Tool. It now will validate the Web Story format.

Web Story Validator

Google updated their AMP testing tool. The newly updated tool will now be able to test if a site contains a valid Web Story format.

Web Story Tester Tool

Google’s Web Story validator helps publishers determine if their web stories are valid. It should be helpful in troubleshooting issues.

The Web Story validator tool is available at the same location as the AMP Validation tool.

Screenshot of newly updated AMP and Web Story validation tool

The input accepts both kinds of AMP URLs for validation, AMP and Web Story.  This eliminates the need for a separate tool for validating a Web Story.

The fact that the Web Story validation tool exists at the AMP validation tool is because the Web Story feature itself is a subset of AMP. It was originally named AMP Stories.

That probably explains why the Web Story validator and the AMP validator are in the same location.

Screenshot of a Web Story validation resultThis screenshot provides a Web Story Validation result

Web Story

Web Story is a type of Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP). It is meant to be a quick way for site visitors to consume content.

Google calls this snackable content.

Web stories have limited amounts of text content, can contain short videos and also feature images that illustrate what the content is about.

A typical usage scenario is someone who is on a subway or in a waiting room and wants to be partially distracted with content but not commit to a long article.

That’s why it’s called snackable content, because it’s meant to convey information without committing the reader to a long article.

A reader can click through to read more if they are interested however.

Not a Replacement for Traditional Content

Web stories are an additional way to engage users while also generating advertising earnings.

Rather than a replacement for the traditional article format, Web Stories are more like an additional way to monetize existing content.

Web Story WordPress Plugin

There is currently a WordPress plugin for creating web stories. However the plugin is in Beta so it’s important to keep in mind that there may be shortcomings in the plugin itself.



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Google Updates AMP Validation Tool to Support Web Story

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