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Google Web Stories Reaches 100K Per Day Milestone

Google reports 100,000 new Web Stories are added to the search index on a daily basis.

In a report on Web Stories usage, Google says 100,000 new stories are now being added to the search index every day.

Google’s report includes data on how Web Stories is growing as a content format, along with five insights into what type of content is performing the strongest.

Here’s a rundown of key stats followed by Google’s five tips for better Web Stories.

Google Web Stories Usage

Over 20 million Web Stories are online in total, the report says. Since October 2020, 6,500 new domains have published their first Web Story.

The report highlights data since October 2020 as that’s when an update brought Web Stories to Google Discover. It’s possible the update is a factor which led to domains publishing a Web Story for the first time.

“Last October, we created a home for Web Stories in Google Discover so users could find a personalized stream of the best Web Stories from around the internet. The goal with Web Stories is to enable publishers and creators to easily build and take full ownership of their content.”

Data shows this content format, which brings Instagram-like short clips to Google Search and Discover, is gaining an audience. Millions of users are reportedly seeing and engaging with Web Stories each day.

Using data compiled since launching the Web Stories format, Google has put together five recommendations for creating stories that will engage users.

Five Insights Into Engaging Web Stories

Here are some things Google has learned about Web Stories so far.

What type of content gets the most engagement?

Lifestyle content has the highest engagement of any vertical, particularly when it contains aspirational imagery and informative how-to info.

Google points out that the lifestyle category is a good fit for Web Stories. That’s likely because users can swipe through a story as though they’re browsing a catalog.

What type of content gets the most impressions?

Web Stories from sites in the Arts and Entertainment and Food and Drink verticals get the most online impressions.

Impressions are not always indicative of engagement, however, they’re more a sign of which categories people are searching for more than others.

What type of content is in demand?

Google’s data shows there’s high demand for new Web Stories content in the Arts and Entertainment, Celebrity, and Sports and Gaming categories.

“With new TV, movie, and game releases rolling out all the time, these verticals offer opportunities for growth,” the report states.

What’s the ideal length of a Web Story?

Google says there’s no ideal page length for what is considered a high quality Web Story.

On average users will tap through 11-15 pages of a story. That suggests site owners should communicate the most important points of their message within the first 15 pages of a Web Story.

Are Web Stories popular on Google Discover?

Google reports that, on Discover, users watch an average of 1.7 Stories for every Story opened. Although this can vary across demographics.

Source: Google Web Creators

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Google Web Stories Reaches 100K Per Day Milestone

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