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Google Voice Spreads to Apple Devices

Google Voice, the service that allows users to set up a free local and long distance calling line for use anywhere that you can access the Web, has been on the Android market for quite a while now. However, their spread to the iPhone is recent (mid-November) and initially lacked some important features — including support for either the iPod Touch or the ever-popular iPad.

That has now been resolved, according to the Google Voice Blog, which announced the release of a new version of Voice for the Apple marketplace.

In its announcement, Google is quick to clarify that the app won’t let users turn their iPod or iPad into a regular phone. However, it will make it possible to initiate calls with other phone numbers established with the voice account. This feature, known as Click2Call, allows users to dial in a number and have the call connected to the phone line of their choice.

Several applications have tried to bring VoIP calling services to the Apple market, but the precedent has been set that such functionality shouldn’t be accepted, regardless of whether it relies on a wireless connection or cellular network.

A few other features were also added for Apple users with the new app version release. Significantly, a “do not disturb” feature has been added, dialing to phone contacts has been simplified, and text messaging has been streamlined. The app is available to U.S. Apple device users running off iOS 3.01 or later.

Considering the assortment of features built directly into Voice, including the ability to send text messages to other Voice accounts free of charge, the expansion of compatible devices is good news for everyone. Users on Android, iPhone, and now iPad or iPod devices can take advantage of all the available Voice-to-Voice services.

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Google Voice Spreads to Apple Devices

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