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Google VoiceMail on GMail & Google Talk

Google VoiceMail on GMail & Google Talk

Garett Rodgers has a nice scoop on Google possibly adding Voicemail and eVite integration into Google GMail after sifting through the GMail source code last week. In a post on the ZDNet Googling Google blog (with code examples), Garret writes about what was found.

Just when you thought everything had been discovered, a new version of the source was released — revealing even more features that could be showing up in the near future. Voicemail and integration are both referenced, but are not currently available to use.

A voicemail service will allow people to use Gmail as an answering machine that won’t run out of space or need rewinding — who knows, maybe it will be searchable using speech to text technology. This service will be most useful when Google starts providing full VoIP services, but until then it could be used for missed GTalk calls. Recorded messages will be available for listening through Gmail — possibly with a flash applet designed to play them like Google Reader’s podcast feature.

So there is some synergy between all of the Google offerings. Thanks Garett, things are starting to make sense!

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Google VoiceMail on GMail & Google Talk

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