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Google Voice Now Lets You Use Your Existing Number

If the reason why you won’t use Google Voice is because you need to a new number to use it’s features, that changes right now. Google is now allowing users to get Google Voice either with a new Google number or with their existing number.Although using your own numbers will not enable some of the nifty features of Google Voice with a new Google number, using your own number will still allow you to use some of the other features. This include  online, searchable voicemail, free automated voicemail transcription, custom voicemain greetings, email and sms notifiation and low-priced international calling.

The features that you won’t get if you use your own phone number include one number that can be reached on all of your phones, SMS via email, call screening, listen in, call recording, conference calling and call blocking.

For those who already have a Google number, the new feature will allow them to forward unanswered calls to their mobile phone to their Google Voice account. Hence, allowing contacts to reach them from their old phone number.

If you already have a Google number, this new feature should also help with the transition to your new number, as you can now forward unanswered calls to your mobile phone to your Google Voice account.  This way, people who still call your old number will reach the same voicemail as people who call your Google Voice number.

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Google Voice Now Lets You Use Your Existing Number

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