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Google Voice Marketing Campaign: High-tech and Old School All At Once

This will be my third post about Google’s new VoIP service today, so I guess that means they are doing their jobs over their in California. Their promotional product for this feature is an eye-catching one: phone booths. Not just your ordinary run of the mill old phone booth either; these are the bright red, UK-style phone booths, or “telephone boxes” as they are called by the Brits.

Google's UK style retro

Now these are not just for show, they are actually fully functional. Members of the Mashable team had the chance to test them out at a press event in San Francisco. While there is reported lag of about 10 seconds while your call is being processed and the instructions were a little difficult to understand at first, call quality is said to be very clear and (at least for the time being) all calls are free – including international ones.

No official word as to were the phone booths will be placed exactly, but Google did say there will be at least dozens of them at universites and airports around the country. I know I will be keeping my eye out for one close to me to try out!

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Google Voice Marketing Campaign: High-tech and Old School All At Once

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